Aencar Nalerath


A noble figure of an old man (well in his sixties) dressed in silver garments. He has deep turquoise eyes, short white hair and extremely well trimmed white beard.

He is clever and wise. He always greets everyone and smiles as often as possible.


His name was inspired by Aencar Burlisk (the legendary Mantled King).

In 1487 DR taking advantage of the weakened Netheril Empire (because their war with Myth Dranor reached its peak) a heroic silver dragon (Aencar’s ally) freed Battledale from Sembian-Netherese occupation and begun the restoration of Essembra to its former glory.

He initiated the campaign for the clearing of Aencar’s Manor.

He sanctioned the creation of the grand adventurer’s guild called Silver Scales .

He created a powerful military organization to serve as protectors of the dale called the Silver Knights.

Aencar Nalerath

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