Oromis "Sharpshooter" Tathvir

"Life is like the seasons; in constant change and so we must change with it."


Oromis is 6 feet tall, he has long brown hair and his eyes have an emerald green colour that make his gaze captivating. He is considered to be among the tall people of his race and although he has the slender look of the rest of the elves, his body is covered with long lean muscles that tell a story of hardships and way of living.
Both his pointy ears and his coppery skin, depict his elven lineage. His voice is like the sound of many waters; soothing at times, crystal at others and on rare occasions when he gets angry, roaring like the sound of it crushing on the rocks.

His armor is made of hard boiled leather worked with metal links that protect vital organs and has a brownish/greenish colour. His leggings and boots are of the same material and seem to fit him perfectly and help him with his elegant maneuvers.
His keen eyesight makes the longbow his favored weapon. His longbow is beautifully crafted by rosewood that makes it both resilient and flexible. His skills in close combat are exceptional as well. He keeps two elven short-swords bounded to his lower back in such a way, that if necessary he can reach the elven hilts and draw the blades in the blink of an eye.


Oromis is a Harper agent. His knowledge around the giants and his ability to track them as well as his proficiency with maps and geography made him the perfect candidate for a mission in the Northwestern part of Faerun and more specifically Icewing Dale.

This latest mission finds him in Bryn Shander, the biggest town among 9 others that comprise Ten-Towns. There he would meet with a group of adventurers that are part of the newly-founded Silver-Scales guild.

Oromis will act as a Harper envoy for both organizations to collaborate and eliminate what seems to be a grand scale problem with its origins still unknown; the Giants seem to have taken up arms and harass settlements all across the western Faerun and its coast.

Oromis "Sharpshooter" Tathvir

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