Silver Scales

An adventurers’ guild based in Essembra, Battledale. It was founded in 1487 DR. Its headquarters are in the center of Essembra at a building called Sword Tip.

Great Wyrm: Vyrzivandos

Ancient Dragons: Alas Brandok, Carmilla, GemNaedin WindwalkerRamsey Brandok

Bellow follows the guild manifest:

Silver Scales Guild Manifest


Basic Rules of the Guild

  • Defend the reputation of the guild and its members.
  • Always aid a fellow guild member in need.
  • Guild tokens (cloak, pin and tattoo) must never be defaced or dirty. If it happens to get damaged during an adventure, report to the guild and ask for repair and/or replacement.
  • Respect the hierarchy of the guild and its members.
  • Respect the laws of Battledale and its rulers.


Guild Ranks

  • Guild Associates: Merchants, traders and other entrepreneurs that share their professions with the guild. Gear Provided: Guild Certificate.
  • Wyrmlings (Apprentices): Newcomers to the guild usually with no combat capabilities. Gear Provided: Guild Work Clothes, Guild Certificate.
  • Young Dragons (Initiates): Newcomers to the guild that passed the initiation ritual and are ready to engage in combat if needed. Gear Provided: Guild Pin, Guild Cloak and Guild Certificate.
  • Old Dragons (Senior Members): Members that proved their loyalty and worth to the guild on numerous occasions. Gear Provided: Guild Pin, Guild Cloak, Guild Certificate and Guild tattoo (if so desired by the member).
  • Ancient Dragons (Guild Officers): High ranking members that sit at the round table to discuss and plan guild matters with the Guild Master. Gear Provided: Guild Pin, Guild Cloak, Guild Certificate, Guild tattoo (if so desired by the member) and guild ceremonial war horn.
  • Great Wyrm (Guild Master): The leader of the Silver Scales.


Guild Fees

Entry Fee: 50gp

Weekly Fee (Young Dragons, Old Dragons): 25gp


Guild Benefits and Responsibilities by Rank

(A member of higher rank has all the benefits of lower ranks plus his/her own)


  • Guild Associates: Are allowed to visit the guild’s headquarters anytime. They can plea for help to the guild and expect to get priority most of the time. Must provide the agreed discount to all guild members when dispensing their goods or services.
  • Wyrmlings (Apprentices): Are able to take advantage of lesser guild perks. Must tend to all the guild’s logistic (cleaning, cooking, tending to horses etc.) needs.
  • Young Dragons (Initiates): Are able to take advantage of up to medium level guild perks. Must always follow the orders of their superiors and report after every mission to the headquarters.
  • Old Dragons (Senior Members): Are able to take advantage of most guild perks. Are required to report to headquarters monthly (or after undertaking a mission of great importance).
  • Ancient Dragons (Guild Officers): Are privy to all guild perks. Do not require to pay guild fees (any donations are welcomed though). Are required to attend all round table meetings.


Guild Perks

(A member of higher rank has all the benefits of lower ranks plus his/her own)

  • Usage of the guild’s common grounds. (Wyrmlings, Guild Associates)
  • Usage of the guild’s stables. (Wyrmlings, Guild Associates)
  • Funeral Expenses. (Young Dragons)
  • Request of help from guild mates. (Young Dragons)
  • Usage of the guild’s quarters (single room with a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a storage chest with unique key). (Young Dragons)
  • Discount for all goods and services provided by Guild Associates. (Young Dragons)
  • Usage of the guild’s library. (Young Dragons)
  • Restocking of mundane gear (ammunition, spell components with no cost, armor-shield-weapon polishing and sharpening. (Young Dragons on a mission)
  • Tax Payment (done by the guild within the confines of Essembra). (Old Dragons)
  • Legal defense (in case of trouble with local law enforcement). (Old Dragons)
  • Issue a war order (in case of emergency). (Ancient Dragons)




Silver Scales

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