Luskan, also known as the City of Sails, is a port city at the mouth of the River Mirrar on the Sword Coat North. Luskan, despite the presence of the Ten Towns is considered by many to be civilization's farthest reach.

Although once a bustling city, in the days prior to the Spellplague, the city would suffer greatly. The resulting disaster would allow the Spellplague to nearly decimate the city, with it having only a fraction of its former populace.

As of 1370 DR, the city was split into northern and southern halves by the River Mirar, and these were connected by the bridges Dalath's Span, Harbor Cross, and the Upstream Span. Other than the Host Tower of the Arcane, the city is dominated by two- and three-story buildings.

Two inhabited islands sit in the mouth of the river: the island upon which lay the Host Tower of the Arcane (connected to both sides of the river by bridges) and Closeguard Island, which houses Ship Kurth (connected to the southern bank by a bridge).



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