Battledale was one of the dales in the Dalelands. Despite its name earned long ago, it was one of the more peaceful vales in the 14th & 15th centuries DR. Even though Battledale was one of the largest dales, it was also one of the least populated. Until 1422 DR, its capital was Essembra.

Important Locations
Abbey of the Sword
Aencar Manor
Ghost Holds
Haptooth Hill
Ilmeth's Manor

Latest Important Historic Events
On 7 Elesias 1373 DR, the red dragon Thraxata started many fires in Battledale, causing a large amount of woodland to be destroyed. In 1422 DR Battledale came under attack from Sembians allied with Netheril which forced evacuation of Essembra.

In 1487 DR taking advantage of the weakened Netheril Empire (because their war with Myth Dranor reached its peak) a heroic silver dragon (Aencar's ally) freed Battledale from Sembian-Netherese occupation and begun the restoration of Essembra to its former glory.


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