Before it was abandoned in 1422 DR, Essembra was the largest town and centre of trade in Battledale. Nowadays it struggles to return to that status.

Essembra was settled when the Ordulin-Hillsfar road was cut through the Elven Court. The town was named for the legendary adventuress Essembra (really the song dragon Essembramaerytha). The statue to Aencar Burlisk was built on the site of her supposed birth. Her identity as a song dragon was revealed when she married a silver dragon.

For centuries, Essembra was barely even a hamlet. When Aencar became the Warlord of Battledale in 1030 DR, he declared Essembra to be his seat since it was near his ancestral manor. Aencar's chief lieutenant, Ramorth Wyvernblade, took the title of lord of Essembra and built his manorhouse there.

In 1422 DR Sembians allied with Netheril fought forces from Myth Drannor near Essembra. The battle forced abandonment of the town.

Visitors usually find Essembra pleasant, but curiously unimpressive.

Sitting astride Rauthauvyr's Road, the town sees a large amount of traffic on that road between Sembia and the Moonsea. The town itself is deep in the forest of Cormanthyr: the trees of the Elven Court woods hemm Essembra on all sides. There is a central walled section of the town surrounded by fields.

Apart from the walled section, the town consists of cottages fronting along Ratuthauvyr's Road for a mile or more, with few cross streets or back alleys.

Notable locations

Inns and taverns
Bold Banners
Elf on the Flying Stag
Four Flying Fish
Green Door
Lonely Mermaid
Silver Taproom
Watchful Eye

Adderposts – junk and pawn shop
Beldarag's Finest – stables
Dunstable's Sleeping Cat – guarded warehouse
Durn's Forge
Findar's Bag O' Nails – capentry and woodworking
Hitching Post – general store, tack, harness, tools, clothes, fine metalwork, oil, spices, rope, and other miscellaneous items
Old Hoof – horse-powered grist mill
Sarguth's Wheelworks
Tantul's Old Tankard

House of Gond
Swordspoint Shrine – dedicated to Tempus
Silver Shrine – dedicated to Bahamut

Other Locations
Aencar's Mansion
Sword Tip


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